Dru Yoga: Energy Block Release 2

‘I must be willing to let go of the life I planned in order to live the one that is awaiting me’

For many of us with CFS at some point we  have to let go of the life we were living and planning,  grieve for it and try to look forward and enjoy the one we now have. Easier said than done!!!!!  Energy Block Release 2 (EBR2) is a sequence that is all about being in the ‘here and now’, focusing your attention on how the body is moving and responding with the breath, stretching and strengthening.

I recently used the above quote in the form of  an intention and affirmation as my class had been working up to completing the whole EBR2 sequence. Whilst I knew it may have an emotional effect on some of my CFS students I felt it would be helpful to the class as a whole. I didn’t expect it to have  such a powerful effect on me!!!   Following the class both of my CFS students both said how it really hit home, one still felt she was grieving for her old life, for myself I think I haven’t really grieved as such just moved on to my new life…..or so I thought!  The next day I found myself emailing a Search and Rescue Colleague to arrange return of my equipment and uniform.  I’d been hanging on to the hope of restarting volunteering with this fantastic group of volunteers doing a brilliant job unnoticed and often not  known about:  Oxfordshire Lowland Search and Rescue

Whilst sad to finally let go I feel privileged to have been part of the  team,  a very special group of dedicated people and whilst I close this chapter of my life to move on…… I’m just not ready yet  to throw my running shoes and kit away just yet!!! Maybe another couple of rounds of EBR2?

To safely practice and learn this lovely EBR2  sequence go to the  Dru Yoga On Line Studio. This video demonstrates beautifully that once learn EBR2  flows  with ease and strength ! Energy Block Release 2  

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