Amber Glasses, Sleep and CFS

I recently decided to try wearing amber glasses in the evening whilst watching TV or using the computer to filter out blue light to reduce overstimulation of the brain before bedtime.  This can aid a better quality of sleep and with CFS sleep can be a real issue. For me my sleeping pattern is fairly good on the whole with occasional  bouts of insomnia for no real good reason.  When I’m in the  ‘tired but wired’ phase where my adrenaline and cortisol have gone out of whack yoga has proved helpful for helping calm the nervous system and combined with a relaxing Epsom salt bath can really aid sleeping. So why add in the amber glasses you may ask? Like all CFS sufferers you find yourself trying everything to help symptoms, these were recommended  by Dr Rangan Chatterjee (Doctor in the House) in his book The Four Pillar Plan. Whilst they make TV viewing different I have found that I’m  going to sleep quite quickly which is great although my occasional  insomnia hasn’t been cured however there is one unexpected benefit….my eyesight has improved! After just a couple of evenings wearing the amber glasses I noticed I didn’t need to use my reading glasses as  much. I can now read a cook book and see my watch face quite clearly!   I still need my reading glasses for small print but am amazed at how my eyesight has improved so quickly and my eyes feel less tired! So if you have CFS and are exposed to blue light in the evening they are worth a try and are relatively cheap!

PS This is not an April 1st joke!

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