Are your intentions of benefit?

It’s amazing what a bit of yoga does when practised outside in the glorious sunshine in the snow!!! I was only popping out this morning to get milk but it was such a glorious morning and the countryside beckoned. After finding a beautiful spot I practised Dru Yoga’s Energy Block Release 4, Salutation to the Earth and the Golden Eagle, I felt amazing! Using intensions has become part of my practice, it took a while and did not come easily but now makes a huge difference. Setting the intention to feel happiness is my go- to intention, its so easy to smile! During practising EBR4 there are 3 intentions incorporated at the end, ‘May all my thoughts be of benefit to everyone’, May all my intentions be of benefit to everyone’ and ‘May all my actions be of benefit to everyone’.
For the rest of my walk I delighted in the shadows cast by the trees, the sun reflecting on the water of a stream, the snow sparkling in the sunlight, I was defiantly very happy! I found myself reflecting on intentions, we often hear ‘You are what you eat’, perhaps we should also be saying ‘You are what you think’ more often.
We can think ourselves miserable however we can also think ourselves happy. We are so good at talking ourselves down, being self-critical and feeling inadequate, sound familiar? After a while we begin to believe these negative thoughts, how often do we tell ourselves we are amazing? Even when other people tell us we find it difficult to accept praise. By setting intentions to be happy, be kind to yourself and to accept praise for a job well done we will can begin to realise our potential! If you are happy those around response differently, happiness and laughter are so infectious!
In my joyful state I decided a snow angle was called for, I didn’t appreciate how frozen the snow was and my snow angle just became more of a splat! Despite this failure I found myself laughing all the way home! The simplest things in life can give us so much pleasure!

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