Yoga sequence to beat the winter blues!

With the clocks changing and the nights drawing in take time to spend time outdoors getting light into the eyes and if needed top up with Vitamin D during the winter months.  If you find yourself feeling low in spirit then  add the Dru Yoga Earth sequence to your practice:

Feel connected to the Earth and let go of unhelpful emotions with the Earth Sequence (Prithvi Namaskara). By doing this graceful sequence you can consciously cleanse and clear your emotions and the energy system (especially when you do it outside in nature).

Today: Flood your body with endorphins as you move with grace and freedom.

The earth is an energy that brings us balance and emotional stability. It has a calming energy that helps us align with something much bigger than just our individual self – nature… When performed outside, the benefits from this sequence seem to be amplified as you connect in directly to the source energy of the earth. The earth is here to nurture, protect and provide for us.

The overall aim of this sequence is to leave you feeling settled, calm and replenished by the quiet earth. Complete this class with a mudra (hand gesture) to calm your nervous system

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